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Chemical Process Report

Catch key concepts of
chemical processes
in commercial operation.

The report contains the information
on the feedstocks, products,
and a summarized description
of the processes.

A simplified process flow diagram
is given as well.
The report provides what are the critical
factors for the higher yields
and stable operations.

Scientific e-Textbooks

More than 10 million
are in your hands

Study online.
Search and find information
and knowledge you need.
The information on the topics
and subjects you’re are interested in
are much more efficiently found
by using the key words searches.
Collecting the information
and knowledge are easy via simple
copy and paste. You can learn faster.

Scientific Journal Articles

Quick and easy
access to 62 million
professional publications

Scientific journal articles
from the research and development
around the world – simply enter
your subjects in your research area.
It will generate critical data
and information for you
from more than 240 publishers,
15,000 journal volumes,
and 62 million journal articles.
Promote your R&D activities.

Scientific Video Clips

Quick and easy
from video presentation

Learning and understanding
scientific phenomena or subjects
sometimes much easier
by simply watching
well-designed video clips.
Hundreds of video clips
on various scientific topics
are available and waiting for your search.
Complicated phenomena or difficult
concepts can be simple.
They may become fun to you.

Job Link

Find a position you deserve.
Employ great people
for your company.

It can be far more important
where you post your resume
than how many sites you post
or how well your resume is prepared.
ChemTopia is full of experts
around the world who will instantly
recognize your value.
Tons of talented, experienced,
knowledgeable, and motivated
people are available here as well
for your company.